Hip Replacements

Hip-replacement technology represents an extraordinary advance in modern medicine that allows people to regain their independence after devastating injuries or disease. These devices reduce pain for patients and increase their mobility in spectacular ways when they are effective. However, there are some faulty devices on the market that end up hurting patients rather than providing any healing. Everything from inferior product designs to mistakes made by surgeons and doctors can lead to serious problems for patients. In many cases, manufacturers of these devices fail to warn the public about the risks that they face when receiving their hip replacement, forcing patients to seek legal representation to recover.

Hip Replacement Lawsuits

There are some manufacturers that have faced allegations regarding the danger of their products. The most notorious of these offenders include DePuy Orthopaedics, Biomet, and Zimmer Holdings. DePuy has faced over 12,000 lawsuits concerning the dangers of their ASR hip implants while another 3,000 individuals filed suit for complications related to their Pinnacle Hip Replacement. By the time all of the cases were settled, the company faced $2.5 billion dollars in damages.

Devices such as those mentioned above were developed using all-metal construction, coming with the promise to outlast all other hip replacement devices on the market. Rather than advance the science of hip replacements, these devices high-lighted the failures by prematurely experiencing problems in thousands of patients.

Patients are well within their rights when they file lawsuits against negligent manufacturers of hip replacements. Still, patients require experienced law professionals to get the type of compensation that they deserve when facing large corporations and medical equipment manufacturers. Patients suffer in some ways that can be difficult to prove with certainty in the courtroom setting. However, a patient’s rights are in place to protect them from pain and suffering, lost wages due to extended medical leave, and excessive medical bills to correct faulty medical equipment. Patients have a huge number of legitimate financial concerns when it comes to dealing with the impact of faulty hip replacements. The majority of victims require services from private caregivers or face extended hospitalization and outpatient care. It is also not unusual for them to experience strained relationships with friends and family.

Qualified lawyers are available to give patients information and support during difficult times such as these. They can typically provide people with free case evaluations and determine how far their rights extend. There are many situations in which devices such as these are recalled due to dangers and risks for medical complications such as metallosis. However, there are distinct differences between recalls and the possibilities that come with filing suit. During most recalls, manufacturers will offer patients a certain amount of financial compensation. The typical numbers for these offers do not come close to covering the total expense that is involved in having the devices replaced. Lawsuits recognize the recalls in addition to fighting for the patients rights when it comes to time lost at work and the emotional suffering that comes with continuous surgery and rehabilitation.

Many patients also benefit from consulting lawyers regarding their options for a class-action suit. This type of legal action involves large groups of people filing similar claims against a single entity. While the individual does have less control over the outcome of the cases when filing this type of suit, these groups have greater leverage in the courtroom, allowing them to get better results faster. Lawyers can also advise patients about the benefits of taking settlements that are offered by the corporation in question.

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