Patients trust that their doctors know what is best for them and that their doctors will look out for their best interest. The number of lawsuits filed against the manufacturers of prescription drugs increased in recent years, which led some to wonder if their doctors did know best. Benicar is one of the newer drugs on the market that is now at the center of a series of lawsuits from patients who used the prescription drug.

What is Benicar?

Benicar is the brand name listed on the generic drug called Olmesartan. When used in the treatment of high blood pressure, it can reduce the symptoms of that condition. According to the manufacturer, the drug is also safe for use by children of an older age. Those who take the drug as prescribed often find that it helps improve the flow of blood throughout their bodies and helps them get their blood pressure problems under control. Though used successfully by a large number of patients, there are reports from some who experienced significant side effects.

Side Effects of the Medication

Side effects of Benicar include swelling of extremities, a rapid heart rate, diarrhea, weight changes and difficulty urinating. Many of the side effects of the medication are similar to the symptoms of Celiac disease. Those suffering from Celiac disease often experience an increase in symptoms after eating certain foods or going through prolonged periods of stress. One study that took place at the Mayo Clinic looked at a group of patients taking Benicar and found that more than 60 percent experienced some of these side effects.

FDA Warning

Following the report from the Mayo Clinic, the FDA required that the manufacturer adds a warning to the Benicar label that informed patients of its severe side effects. The FDA also looked into reports from other research institutes that performed research that found similar results. George Williams was one of the first patients to speak up about the side effects of Benicar after spending several months in the hospital, but he is far from the only one filing suit. The new label went into force in 2013, but this new name does not help those who already suffered problems due to taking Benicar in the past.

Who Can File a Lawsuit?

Anyone who took Benicar in the past and experienced some of the potential life threatening side effects can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Benicar. Though there isn’t a class action lawsuit in place against the drug, there are some patients working independently with lawyers to seek compensation after receiving a prescription from a licensed doctor and taking the medication. The amount that victims are due depends on the severity of their side effects and how long they took the drug. Talking with a lawyer is a good way for victims to determine if they have a case.

Getting Help from a Lawyer

Lawsuits relating to Benicar may take the form of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Since the FDA warning went into effect, doctors must tell their patients about the potential side effects and how the drug may affect their lives. Doctors who fail to inform patients of those problems may be guilty of neglecting the needs of their patients or malpractice. The only person who can help patients decide who they should file suit again and which steps they should take is a practicing lawyer. Meeting with a malpractice attorney is the first step patients should make.

Benicar Lawsuit