Cymbalta is a brand name drug used in the treatment of depression. Depression is a serious mental condition that can leave patients feeling hopeless and dealing with a range of other symptoms. Eli Lilly, the manufacturer behind Cymbalta, claims that the drug is safe for use in both men and women, but some new lawsuits from former users claim that the manufacturer wasn’t honest with those patients or the doctors prescribing the drug.

What is Cymbalta?

Symptoms of depression may include changes in appetite, mood swings, insomnia, tired feelings and suicidal thoughts. Doctors use Cymbalta to treat some patients suffering from depression. Other doctors use the drug as a treatment for diabetic nerve pain. Those with diabetes often have poor circulation, which can lead to pain that circulates and surrounds the nerves in the lower body. Those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions may also receive a prescription for Cymbalta.

Withdrawal from Cymbalta

Some of the lawsuits against Eli Lilly claim that patients have a difficult time when they discontinue the use of the drug. All drugs change the way the body reacts and responds, and when patients stop taking any prescription drug, they will likely experience one or more side effects. Patients filing against Eli Lilly claim that withdrawal from the drug causes intense migraine headaches. Referred to as brain zaps, the headaches can cause halos to appear near their eyes and lead to pain in other parts of the body. Other patients experienced changes in their behaviors and fainting. The FDA later required that the manufacturer adds a warning about withdrawal symptoms to the box.

Cymbalta Side Effects

There is a range of different side effects associated with Cymbalta. Many men found that they experienced a sudden loss of body, head, and facial hair when taking the drug, and some women also lost hair when using Cymbalta. Dry mouth, frequently feeling tired, changes in appetite and mood changes are other common side effects. Patients who experience blackouts or fainting, changes in urination or swelling throughout their bodies should discuss those issues with a health care provider.

Class Action Against Lilly

More than 30 different patients filed lawsuits against Eli Lilly before banding together in one large class action lawsuit. According to the lawyers representing those patients, they felt misled to and outright lied to by the manufacturer. Each of the lawsuits claimed that Eli Lilly did not firmly outline the potential risk factors of taking the medication or the-the side effects that appeared in the withdrawal phase. Some studies indicate that the manufacturer had knowledge of those side effects and elected not to warn patients. Eli Lilly responded to the claims and stated that the doctors prescribing Cymbalta were well aware of those side effects.

File Today

The first lawsuit filed against Eli Lilly occurred in 2012, but there were seven cases the following year and more than 20 cases the next year. This indicates that there are still patients discovering that they went through the same problems that others did when they took Cymbalta or discontinued their use of that medication. Patients are entitled to different amounts of compensation, and courts will look at various factors when determining if the case can proceed. Lawyers are ready to help patients determine whether they have a case against Eli Lilly and help those patients show that they deserve compensation after experiencing withdrawal symptoms and other side effects after taking Cymbalta.


Lawsuits charge Eli Lilly with misleading consumers about Cymbalta withdrawal effects