Common symptoms of low testosterone among men include feeling weaker, fatigued and even depressed, according to WebMD. Also, men with low testosterone also experience a lowering of their sex drive in some cases. The condition of low testosterone is frequently referred to as low-t, particularly in advertising campaigns to the public ad large pushing prescription drugs that are said to be helpful in combating this condition. This is a condition plaguing a relatively large number of older men.

Side Effects of Prescription Medications for Low-T

A growing number of men are reporting side effects associated with the use of prescription drugs for low-t. This includes not only older men who have experienced specific symptoms associated with low-t but also young men who have taken these drugs as a means of improving their stamina and to enhance themselves physically. In some instances, these side effects are proving to be dangerous and even life was ending.

The most significantly adverse side effects associated with medications designed to address low-t are cardio-pulmonary. These prescription drugs have been connected to heart attacks and strokes among certain men who have used these medications. Also, there have been deaths linked to the use of low-t medications, according to WebMD.

Inadequate Information About Low-T Prescription Medications

As a growing number of men are experiencing serious side effects when using low-t prescription medications, these drugs are coming under ever increasing scrutiny. A key element associated with low-t medications that are being scrutinized center on how these drugs are being promoted and marketed to men. The manner in which the benefits and risks of these prescription drugs have come into question.

In a growing number of cases, lawsuits are being initiated against drug makers. In these lawsuits, men are claiming that the drug manufacturers failed to provide reasonably appropriate and accurate information about the risks and benefits associated with these medications.

The men who took these drugs argue that they should have been able to rely upon the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. Because this reliance on the information from drug makers was reasonable, and because it was inaccurate, these men who are pursuing litigation argue that these medication manufacturers are liable for the damages and injuries caused to these individuals.

The Food and Drug Administration and Low-T Medications

Early in 2014, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA announced that the agency was investigating the risks of heart attack, stroke, and death associated with men taking low-t prescription medications. The FDA will investigate not only the medical evidence associated with the side effects of these medications but the agency will consider the manner in which the medications have been promoted and marketing by drug makers.

The reality is that as the FDA uncovers more evidence regarding the side effects of the medications, together with a close analysis of how the drugs were marketed, more lawsuits are the likely outcome. Indeed, lawsuits by men who suffered serious side effects from using low-t prescription medications likely could become widespread. These lawsuits are likely to include litigation involving the manner in which these drugs were promoted, advertised and marketed by drugmakers to consumers.

As has been the case with other medications that have resulted in side effects that caused significant harm, there likely will be mass or class action lawsuits associated with men injured by low-t medicines. Also, there are liable to be attorneys who focus their attention specifically on these types of lawsuits and claims against drug makers.