Since its release in 1998, Viagra has sold millions of pills around the world with current sales fluctuating between 250,000 and 450,000 units a quarter. While extremely popular, this erectile dysfunction (ED) drug is now on the receiving end of some lawsuits. Viagra’s developer and manufacturer Pfizer currently sells each pill for as much as $25 and has claimed billions in sales while some studies have shown severe side effects in those that use this medication regularly.

Viagra and Potential Side Effects
Going back to 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration forced Pfizer to begin putting warning labels on all of its Viagra packages while allowing the drug company to transition Viagra from prescription medication to non-prescription medication. These warnings were the result of some studies in men taking this ED pill that began developing a wide variety of issues ranging from vision loss to heart issues. It was not until a comprehensive study took place in 2014, however, that studies began linking this medication to a form of skin disease known as melanoma.

In 2014, the Journal of the American Medical Association released a study showing that men who were currently using or had used Viagra had a much higher chance of developing melanoma. This peer-reviewed data covered over 25,000 men who had used this medication in the past or were currently using it and found that those who had used Viagra in the past were twice as likely to develop melanoma. Men currently using Viagra were 84 percent more likely to develop this deadly form of skin cancer.

Lawsuits Against Pfizer
This has led to a variety of lawsuits being directed at Viagra’s manufacturer Pfizer for the huge toll that this medication has taken on users’ health and their finances. Current studies show that a one-year supply of FDA-approved melanoma medication could cost patients $30,000 or more, often out of their pocket. When combined with the financial hardships of no longer being able to work or missing work due to complications of cancer, many men were facing expenses moving into the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Filing a Melanoma & Viagara Related Lawsuit
Those that have been negatively impacted by this medication should carefully consider if why they need to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Viagra. Primarily, these lawsuits could help cover some or all of the expenses that have accumulated from the treatment of melanoma. Victims that have been negatively impacted have a right to compensation to cover both the medical bills and any lost wages due to their sickness. It is also important for victims to receive compensation for the pain and suffering that they have gone through due to melanoma and the subsequent cancer treatments.

Finally, lawsuits that are directed at Pfizer will hold this particular drug manufacturer and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole to a much higher standard. These drug companies have the responsibility to not only produce safe medication, but to also clearly inform the users of any negative side effects and potential risks. These lawsuits will result in more accountability for those that research, develop, and sell prescription and non-prescription medication.