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Defective Consumer Products

Across the world, death and serious injuries occur from Consumer Products all too often.  This site is dedicated to helping raise awareness of these products that we hope will decrease the amount of these tragedies.  Education is the key to consumer protection, and we hope to be the best resource available.

The United States purchase millions of products each and every day. These products are designed to fulfill a need and serve a purpose. However, many products pose dangers that most people are completely unaware of.

Even the most common, everyday item can be potentially hazardous. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 33.1 million people in the U.S. alone get injured by some household consumer product due to malfunctioning or defective manufacturing.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is in charge of regulating and recalling products that are believed to be defective and that can cause harm to consumers. It’s not uncommon to see children hurting themselves with broken toys, ingesting small toy parts, and getting intoxicated with lead and other metals in toys.

The most common everyday use items that can be harmful to consumers are strollers, magnets, tube televisions, and even window blinds. Consumers must always stay aware of news related to product recalls and must also read the warning labels on the products they buy. Getting injured by a common object or product is very, very common, and precaution is essential to avoid injuries and possible fatalities, especially for small children.

Dangerous Products:





High Chairs

Baby Slings

Tube Televisions

Metal Children’s Jewelry

Drop-side Cribs

Window Blinds