Baby Sling Recalls and Dangers

Baby slings are becoming very popular among mothers and fathers of infants and small children. Those little hip products are seen everywhere, with a baby inside, strapped to active parents at the shopping malls, grocery stores, parks, and other facilities.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been approximately 13 deaths related to sling carriers in the past 20 years, 3 of those in very recent years. Most children who died were four months old or younger. Many of those babies were also premature babies with low weight or were sick with a cold.

Parents and caregivers should be aware of the potential dangers of using baby sling carriers and exercise caution. It’s always important to read and follow all warning instructions on the packages of baby sling carriers. Most sling carriers will have a warning sign attached to the sling itself, stating the potential hazard of suffocation.

The fabric of the sling pressing against a child’s nose and mouth can suffocate the child. Another possibility is a child being cradled in a curved position, which can cause those children with weak necks to become unable to breathe.