Defective Dressers

Many people don’t realize the dangers dressers can pose for unattended children. A dresser is a standard piece of furniture widely used everywhere, and it’s also one of the pieces of furniture that are the culprit of thousands of accidents each year.

One of the most common types of accidents with dressers that children experience is when they try to climb the furniture to get an object they see at the top. This causes the dresser to fall on them, injuring any part of their body or even causing the death of the child.

Also, the drawers might open, causing the objects inside them to fall on the child. One very easy way to keep dressers from falling on children is to attach them to the wall with a strap. This will maintain the dresser in place, even if the child tries to climb it. Drawers themselves can also be secured with some of the safety devices that are widely available from most major retailers.

Children should never be left near dressers, even dressers that are strapped to the wall, unattended. Failure to adequately supervise a child in a bedroom or any other room where there is a dresser can result in an unwanted, preventable injury or even possibly a fatality.