Drop-side Cribs

Drop-side cribs are a hugely popular choice in the crib market. This is because drop-side cribs allow parents to pick up the child with ease by having one side that quickly lowers. Unfortunately, many drop-side crib accidents happen every year in the United Sates.

Dangers of Drop-side Cribs

One of the issues with drop-side cribs is that the hardware they use can break or bend, making it easy for the child to move the side that drops, causing a potential fall. Hardware can also become loose, causing the same hazard. When nuts and bolts get loose, break, or twist, it’s important for the parents to replace them and fix the crib back to its original state to avoid any accidents.

Another potential danger for small children inside damaged drop-side cribs is that the loose bolts can cause gaps between the crib’s side and the mattress. The child may get stuck in this gap and suffocate.

Crib recalls are common in the United States. Parents need to keep up with the news to make sure the crib their child is using doesn’t need replacement. More than 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007 in the United States alone. These numbers are hugely alarming because cribs are the most important piece of furniture in the life of an infant. Children spend a tremendous amount of time inside cribs. Thus, safety measures are necessary.