High Chairs

High chairs are one of the first items new parents purchase when they find out they’re going to have a baby. These baby chairs are widely used, and virtually all households with children have one. Sadly, many high chairs are not safe for children, and many parents are not aware of the dangers they pose.

High Chair Dangers & Recalls

In the United States alone, about 24 children have to visit the emergency room every single day due to an injury caused by a high chair. Most of these injuries are due to the child falling because the safety belt in these chairs is too loose or not used correctly. High chair falling can pose serious health issues for a child, especially if the child falls on his or her head. Sometimes, fatalities may occur. Most kitchen floors are hard (tile or wood), which makes high chair falling even more dangerous.

When selecting a high chair for your child, make sure it feels firm and study. Also, check for its locking device, making sure the belt is securely attached to the head and can be adjusted to the child properly. Also, make sure the wheels on the high chair can be locked to avoid the head moving around.