Most people are aware that magnets are harmful when ingested, but they don’t realize a number of toys around their homes that contain small magnets, which pose a potential danger to their children. Many surgeries are done every year due to the ingestion of magnets.

Doctors everywhere are concerned about the increase of injuries caused by magnets. Hospitals are seeing more and more children that are injured from small toy magnets, and the numbers keep rising. Some of the toys that contain these magnets are kids’ jewelry sets.

Ingested magnets can cause severe perforations in the stomach of the child and also in the colon, intestines, or the small bowel. Surgery is often required to take out the foreign object from the child’s body. Also, a lot of children ingest more than one magnet, causing, even more, harm to their bodies’ gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the alarming rate of toy magnet ingestion in children, manufacturers are not planning on removing these small parts from toys. It’s up to the parents to exercise caution when choosing toys for their children. It’s never a good idea to leave small children unattended when playing with toys.