Metal Children’s Jewelry

Today, toy jewelry is more popular than ever among children of all ages. You can get these little souvenirs virtually anywhere: at department stores, craft centers, vending machines, you name it. Toy jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, just as regular jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and such.

Children’s Jewelry Dangers & Recalls

What most parents don’t realize that there are harmful components in these toys that can be hazardous to children. What is meant to be for the enjoyment of the child can cause an unwanted injury or can have fatal consequences?

In the United States, there have been 50 recalls of over 180 million pieces of these jewelry pieces. One of the most common problems with these toys is high levels of lead in the paint that is used to give the finish to the children’s jewelry pieces. Other toxic metals can also be found in children’s toy jewelry, such as antimony, cadmium, and barium.

Most children’s jewelry pieces are cheaply made in other countries like China and Taiwan. The safety standards of these countries’ manufacturing facilities may not conform to American standards. Parents need to be extra careful when buying toy jewelry for their children. Metal poisoning is a real problem that needs to be seriously considered.