Trampolines are a widely used toy and contribute to the enjoyment of many youths throughout the country. Many parents, however, are concerned with the potential dangers involved with trampolines, and for good reason. Many fatalities have happened due to unfortunate trampoline falls and other accidents. Even trampolines with nets can be dangerous.

Trampoline Injuries and Dangers

The American Academy of Pediatrics states in a publication that parents should never allow trampolines in their backyards. Those parents who do allow their children to jump on trampolines need to be aware of the hazards involved in this practice.

If you read the warning label on trampolines carefully, you will notice it says that only one child should jump at a time. This is almost never honored, as children want to enjoy their time on the trampoline together. This can cause many accidents, including broken arms and legs, concussions, collisions between children, and lacerations. Injuries can occur from the side rail. Kids can also experience abdominal injuries when jumping and landing on one another or the side rail. Between the years 2000 and 2005, over half a million children visited the emergency room due to a trampoline-related injury. Parents should also be aware that moonwalks and other types of jumping toys can also pose the same risks as trampolines.