Window Blinds Dangers

Many people don’t realize the dangers behind something as simple as a window blind. Window blinds are hugely common in virtually all households in the United States. These devices are also responsible for many child deaths every year. In fact, the mortality rates were so alarming that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched a campaign to educate consumers about the implications of not taking safety measures to protect children against the hazards of window blinds.

Nowadays, manufacturers are producing safer products due to the initiative in recent years of the Window Covering Safety Council, which pursues the redesign of many of these potentially hazardous products and sets up safety standards to be followed in the manufacturing and design process. However, many homes across America still have old blind systems installed. Any window blinds earlier than 2001 need to be replaced with newer systems that conform to these safety standards.

Parents with small children should move any beds, cribs, or furniture away from blinds and window cords. All window cords should also be put outside the reach of children.

Window blinds can pose a huge risk to families with small children. Careful consideration must be taken to protect little ones from serious injuries and even possible death.